You’re Worth the Work.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the US and one thing that suffers greatly under religion is our mental health.

I spent years believing that my mind was filled with demons. As soon as I stopped praying, the demons left. Almost like they were never real.

One doesn’t have to believe in demons to be manipulated and harmed by religion. Here are some online resources that have helped me and others. They’re resources for anyone who’s left religion, whether you’re “spiritual but not religious” or an atheist.

Take care of yourself. You’re worth the work. 

Online Resources

Graceful Atheist Podcast Episodes


Personal Experiences

Whether you’re still a believer or you’ve moved far from your fundamentalist roots, mental health is important. When you need help, seek out help. 

Having a community also makes a difference. If you’re in need of community, consider joining the Deconversion Anonymous private Facebook group. It isn’t professional therapy, but knowing you aren’t alone can go a long way.



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