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This week’s guest is B. B grew up homeschooled in a large evangelical household and spent nearly thirty years in the church, determined to fit in.  He felt like leaving for a while, never having belonged, and then in 2016, he knew it was the end for him. He hit the door running. 

One of the most destructive forces within his Christian upbringing was Purity Culture. Since deconverting, he’s learned that he isn’t alone when it comes to loving yourself and exerting your autonomy. B’s story is one of great evolution and freedom.

Tweet-Worthy Quotes

“…I thought, It’s real to everyone around me. It should be real to me. I need to keep trying. If it’s not real to me, then something’s wrong with me.

“I had been edging towards the door, and 2016 got me walking full-speed towards the door.”

“…consciously making that choice to say, ‘I’m not going back. I’m done.’…it was the biggest relief.”

“Now I feel free not to care. Is there a god? I don’t know, but more importantly to me, I don’t really care.”

“I sat down and looked at that picture and thought, I really like this picture. That was a whole new feeling. I had never felt that way.”

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