Dave Gossen: Agnostic and Done

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Our guest this week is Dave. Dave grew up in the Mennonite Brethren faith and followed all the rules until at age 50, a gift from his son made him begin to ask questions. Dave’s love for his family and a desire for truth are equally apparent in his story. He asked hard questions and was never given satisfying answers. Knowing he had to tell his wife about his waning faith, Dave feared the consequences. Fortunately, Dave and his family have chosen to turn toward one another in love. It has been a trying journey for Dave, but he knows that pursuing truth and loving the people around you give life purpose.

Tweet-worthy quotes

“When the Jenga tower begins to fall, it falls big time.”

“Good science. Good medicine. Good doctors.

“Taking the Bible for granted. Taking the existence of God for granted…Maybe I’ve got to question the things that I’ve been taught my entire life.’’

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The things that you were taught your whole life? Just make sure you do some critical thinking about them.”





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One thought on “Dave Gossen: Agnostic and Done

  1. This episode with Dave really resonated with me, as I am also a senior adult who left my church in my 50’s. What a warm and supportive family his sounds like!
    I do appreciate these podcasts; listening on Sundays is like hearing the sermon at my church, back in the day. Thank you for this work, and thanks to the workers behind the scene, as well. If these podcasts make such a difference to me – who left my church long ago – I imagine they must be a lifeline to those who only recently crossed over. Oh and ‘amen’ to “Truth matters”! ~ Rita S.

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