Sam from When Belief Dies reflects on his appearance on the podcast


This is an incredibly touching reflection from my friend, Sam, who was on the podcast back in March of 2020.

When Belief Dies

Maybe you have already heard it, maybe you haven’t. A good few months ago I was on The Graceful Atheist Podcast (you can listen to ithere). I have known David for a while and I really enjoy our chats when we manage to have them. For this one episode, I managed to tell my story and share the blog with him and the world.

He has such a beautiful way of showing that people outside of religion still love, laugh and care.

It feels bizarre, and it might sound really dumb to you, but my voice is now preserved online for as long as the internet lasts. I keep thinking that there could be a ‘coming back’ from my deconversion, not that I actually want it. I still think about church leadership and the path my life was on. I wonder if it could ever happen now, but…

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