Marie D’Elephant: Everyone’s Autonomous

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Marie D'Elephant
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And what else would you want from life except to connect with other people … and to talk about things that matter and ask the big questions?

My guest this week is Marie D’Elephant the host of the Everyone’s Autonomous podcast. Marie has a powerful and unique voice in the secular community. She is passionate about her own autonomy and the autonomy of others.

What is next? Since none of that is real, what is going on and how do I want to live?

Her new podcast jumps off where Everyone’s Agnostic leaves off. What to do now after a faith transition. The podcast “hosts conversations about reclaiming our autonomy and advocating for the autonomy of others through the lens of recovering from religion.”

OK, I’ve been heard, I understand what happened, how do I resolve this, how do I move forward?

We discuss existential dread, the fear of aging and facing death. Marie talks about her work on Everyone’s Agnostic and taking on managing Dave Warnock‘s Dying Out Loud tour. Mostly we talk about autonomy and how you can discover yours.

I love this autonomy and this is the life that I want to live!


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