Bret Gallatin: Humanist Activist

Atheism, Deconstruction, Deconversion, Humanism, LGBTQ+, Podcast, Secular Grace
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My guest today is Bret Gallatin. Bret is a secular humanist activist. He is about to launch a new podcast covering secular matters and politics.

What you believe affects everybody, it doesn’t just affect you.

Bret is a pastor’s kid. More than that he is a member of a multi-generational Evangelical family. He was expected to go into the family business. He was on track to do so, going to bible college and working at the church’s radio station ministry.

The easiest place to hide being gay is in the purity culture.

Until questions about his faith and honesty about his sexuality led to his deconversion. On the path of grace, he began to question if his interpretation of the bible was correct. His coming out to his father who was also his pastor was a defining moment for Bret.

At the end of the day, how do you know you are right?
How do you know your brand of Christianity is right?




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