Lisa: Secular Sobriety

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Lisa: Secular Sobriety
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My guest today is Lisa. Lisa runs a YouTube channel where she shares from her life experience, recovery from substance abuse and humanistic values. Shortly after getting into recovery, Lisa also deconverted. We discuss what it was like to go through recovery and deconversion almost simultaneously. Lisa shares about secular alternatives to the 12 steps like SOS and SMART Recovery. We try to draw out the secular humanistic values that are embedded in the 12 steps while jettisoning the religious ones.

In the final thoughts section at the end of the podcast, I share my personal story of being a family member in a drug and alcohol addicted family and how the 12 steps influenced both my Christianity and now my Secular Humanism.


Lisa on Twitter:

How not to be an a**hole

Video on Honesty

Video on Secular perspective on 12 steps as they apply to life

Secular Alternatives to 12 Steps:

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS)

SMART Recovery

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