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My guest today is Karen, the co-host and creator of the Deconversion Therapy Podcast. Karen is a comedian, a writer, and now a podcast host. She grew up attending Evangelical schools from grade school to Bible college.

Everyone is good at something. I was good at being a Christian.

Karen was so dedicated to Christianity she became a missionary with YWAM. After attending DTS, she and her husband moved to Thailand.

With hindsight what I got called to was adventure, meaning, purpose, travel and helping people.

Honest laughter from the Thai women she was working with shook Karen up enough to recognize maybe they were fine without her Western Jesus after all. Later after reading Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus, Karen further deconstructed when she discovered the premise of her missionary work, Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” was not in the original manuscripts.

Karen’s best advice to Christians:

Don’t research. It is bad for your faith.

Along, with her co-host Bonnie, Karen uses humor, sarcasm, self-deprecation and occasional snark to eviscerate the silliness of Evangelicalism. Their podcast is Deconversion Therapy.

We can laugh at this stuff. We are OK.
You can laugh at this. You are going to be OK.


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6 thoughts on “Karen: Deconversion Therapy

    1. Actually, as a fairly recent deconvert of Christianity, I’ve never been discouraged from investigating either the foundations or history of my former faith. It’s more about the “boundaries” or context that is set for such investigations.

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      1. That’s good to hear! I live in the Bible Belt. And it is highly recommended for people to ignore facts that people are bringing their attention and just have faith. There was a video of Juanita Bynum stating this. In so many words, she was like, “Who cares if Jesus never existed. You can’t take away my experience!”


      2. Juanita bynum is Def not representative of most of Christianity. She’s word of faith and extreme.
        But I would say that I was also raised in Kansas, a Christian for 34yrs, 25 of those in ministries of different kinds including inner-city missions and short term Mexico and south Korea.
        I was kjv only, TR original and 6 days/6000yrs.
        Glad to be free

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      3. I think that’s the biggest issue. It should be a choice to follow the doctrines. But most people are indoctrinated at an early age and don’t know anything else. I would feel better being an adult and knowing all the research surrounding the religion. And then if I wanted to join after that, it would be based on a studied decision and not a fear-based acceptance.

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      4. Someone once said if parents weren’t allowed to tell their children about God or the bible until they were 18yrs old, society at large would be soon delivered from “the Faith once delivered”

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